About us

Selection principles 

The fruits and vegetables are chosen according to 3 criteria

Our focus

Rather than focus on intensive yields, we have decided to give preference to responsible methods. When these are followed consciously, our focus is respectful of nature and both we and producers pay very careful attention. 


Although we choose citrus and tropical fruits from the best foreign producers, our priority is to use regional fruits for all of the rest of our range. We have already developed solid relationships with regional and international producers with whom we have been working in close collaboration for more than 20 years. 

Land and variety

This close relationship allows us to choose the best fruit every year from land which exploits all their individualism. The producers know our expectations in terms of maturity, colour and cooking properties.

Traditional French Production

Harvest and season

As the months pass, the fruits are harvested when they are naturally mature at our production and bottling site in Saint Romain en Jarez.

Cold extraction

Our fruits and pressed and blended using the traditional cold method, which consists in working with fruit that has not been previously heated. This method is more expense and complex and produces lower yields but it ensures much better quality, as well as reduces electricity consumption.

Traditional equipment

Using traditional methods, we extract pure juice with the assistance of a belt press, whereas pulpy fruit is put through a blender.

Respect for Rules of Hygiene

In harmony with HACCP standards audited annually by independent experts (QCM consultants), we ensure the health and safety of our consumers through the complete traceability of every production lot until delivery.


Pasteurisation ensures the preservation of our fruit juices. In this way, you will benefit from the flexibility of a 3-year best before date.